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Daily Life In Your Day Care

How do you view the daily schedule that you maintain in your day care? How the time is used while you are the primary caregiver for those kids will say a lot about whether you see day care as essentially professional babysitting or as a time when the kids in your charge can grow and mature together. Now, we know that day care is not school. So you are not expected to run a curriculum and show substantial intellectual improvement in the children you care for. For […]

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The Five Must Haves to Start a Day Care

Whether its going on vacation or building a new business, before you start on any of life’s adventures, you have to know what you must have. And starting your own day care is a great adventure because there is risk, there is excitement and there is opportunity for great success and victory. So the very first thing you will set about learning are the “must haves” of starting your own day care center. Once you have that list underway, you can fill in the blanks as you […]

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Why Start Your Own Day Care Center

Have you ever heard of someone doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons? Most of us can think of someone who has been guilty of that. There are a lot of questions you ask yourself when you start the planning for setting up your own day care center. You have to spend time on issues like location, financing, market share and licensing. But there is one fundamental question maybe more important than all of those things. And that is the question, why are you […]

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