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If You Build It They Will Come

Just like any business, there is basically one central event that will mean the difference between success or failure […]

A Day Care Starter Kit

When you make the determination that you are ready to start the process of owning your own day care, […]

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Starting a Child Daycare

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Your Day Care Business Plan

Many times people who want to start a new business chaff at the idea of having to write a business plan. The idea of going through a tedious process of documenting the business aspects of something that is really your dream that you want to make come true seems tedious and unnecessary. After all, you know at a gut level what you want to do so the thought that you have to get that all on paper at a fairly detailed level seems to be a nuisance. […]

More Than a Day Care

“Walk a mile in my shoes” was a popular song long ago which advocated that to understand someone else’s point of view, try to see the world through their eyes. In running a day care, sometimes it helps if we stop and try to understand how your customers view you and view the experience they are having using your service. And, of course, the “customers ” of your day care are the children who are in your care and the parents who entrust those little ones to […]

Discipline At Day Care

When you first though of starting your own day care, the images of being with children, loving them, and having fun with them is one of the big attractions to making that kind of day care become a reality. But it doesnÂ’t take long to realize that in any social setting and especially one where children are involved, there must be a system of discipline. The tricky part of putting into place and then enforcing discipline in a day care setting is that you are put on […]

Because You Can Do It Better

There are a lot of reasons that people decide to start their own day care. For some its strictly a business venture. For others the motivation could be a background or academic training in child care and finding a way to use that expertise outside of public schools and pediatrics. But for many and perhaps for you, the motivation is quite simply that you know you can do it better than people who run day care centers that you have used. One of the most heart wrenching […]